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Your private tutoring market is competitive.

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Give your customers a service they can't find elsewhere: direct access to Ivy League admissions advisors from Top 10 U.S. colleges and universities.

Impress your current customers and reach new ones.

Offer your customers new high-quality services such as U.S. college application essay polishing, extracurricular strategy advising, college resume workshopping, mock Ivy League admissions interviews, and more!

Scalable advising teams to meet the needs of your specific business.

Yale, Harvard, Princeton insiders - our prestigious network can handle your service demands as you grow your customer base.

Retain customers longer with new-to-market offerings.

Give your customers access to a wealth of U.S. insiders to help them get job internships, start their careers, and secure their futures after high school graduation.

The IvyBridge Experience

The IvyBridge Experience

The IvyBridge team is an exclusive network of Ivy League insiders from Top 10 U.S. universities and companies - they hold the insider knowledge that can give your customers a competitive edge.


Meet your
IvyBridge Advisors

Give your customers a personalized team to design their winning application strategy and provide them with exclusive admissions insights.


How It Works

How It Works

IvyBridge means faster services and higher-quality guidance for customers' university admissions and job applications.

  • Ask Questions Anytime

    Your IvyBridge team helps to design your application, identify a unique theme, and strategize on how to get you into your dream schools.

  • Instant Appointment Bookings

    Text your selected Ivy League coach to set up time for a phone call or video call for live college application help.

  • 2-Day Turnaround on Essay Edits

    We work quickly, and have service-level agreements that delight your customers.

  • Proprietary Technology Tools

    We use our custom software to provide your child with live essay writing and editing help 3x faster.

  • AI Algorithms Select the Best Coaching Team for Your Child

    We use machine-learning to select the coaches who are the best fit for your child's needs.

  • Faster, Tech-Enabled Services

    We're fully committed to giving you the most efficient and exceptional college admissions experience.

  • Insiders from Schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton

    Get paired with alumni who can give you application strategies that worked, and endorse you during college interviews.

  • The Most Up-to-date Admissions Advice and Strategies

    Learn real admissions techniques from the people who just went through it.

  • Expert English Writers and Editors

    All coaches are experienced essayists who can perfect your application materials, and many of them major in English or Creative Writing.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Gain exclusive access to your private college admissions strategists.

Easy Bookings

Your customers can book advising services with you, and we'll take care of the rest.

Maximize fit between customers and advisor teams

Our tools make it easy to route the right advisors for each customer's needs.

Premium Advising talent means better service quality

Power your education business with our vetted talent pool of Ivy League tutors and admissions advisors.

Ready to go, out of the box.

Install our catalogue on your website in minutes, and immediately start offering new services with IvyBridge mentors!



See the power of IvyBridge Concierge.

Elevate your business with Ivy League service providers

Expand your market reach and delight every customer using our powerful supply of Ivy League talent.